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Gerhard Kühne Live Volume 01

€18.00 EUR

Last year I had the idea to create something like a compilation of images that includes my 20 favorite pictures from the last 3-5 years. As the idea kept spinning in my head I decided to focus on my live music shoots. After I was clear about the content, the print format was clear too. You need to know when I was growing up, the hottest thing to sell music on was the cd, but when I first saw a vinyl record in my brothers room I was totally blown away by the size and feel of this format - By the way it was Passion and Warfare from Steve Vai. From that moment on, I was a vinyl art junky and I always wanted to do my own vinyl cover. So here we are - Gerhard Kühne Live Volume 1 - 20 Beautiful Tracks/Images from different Artist.  

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